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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a child ready for piano lessons?

This is by far one of the most frequently asked questions about music instruction. My experience shows that children who are approximately 6 years of age are most likely to have a positive experience in piano instruction.


How long are the lessons?

Typically ½ hour.

Do you offer group lessons?

No, I offer only private lessons to ensure that the students have my full attention, and allows me to customize the lesson to their own specific needs.


Is the parent allowed to observe?

Usually the child will be more comfortable without the parent in the room.


Do you offer lessons for teens or adults with no prior piano experience?

Yes, I love to work with beginners of any age.


How often should you practice?

Regular practice is essential for progress and must receive the same priority as homework and sports practices.  It is recommended to practice all assignments 5-6 days a week.


Do I need an acoustic piano?

Generally speaking, that is the best case scenario.  However, there are some fine digital pianos on the market today that have weighted and touch-sensitive keys.

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