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After many years of performing and teaching, my heart has led me in another direction - another way of using voice and vibration - as a Vibrational Sound Therapist.


I will no longer be offering voice lessons as of 2021. 

Ruth Ratliff, VSTCP, voice and vibrational sound therapist, teacher, author, speaker. Her work centers on the belief that voice and vibration are instruments of healing, empowerment and connection. Ruth’s holistic approach combines science and spirituality to help her clients access a conscious transformation to lead a healthy, fully expressed life. 

Ruth Ratliff is a licensed, certified Vibrational Sound Therapist and holds certifications in Vocal Sound Healing and Shoden Reiki.. Ruth has been a performer,  holistic voice coach and workshop leader for many years. Ruth’s book “The Voice of Women’s Wisdom” can be found on Amazon.

Ruth Ratliff Vibrational Sound Therapy

Ways You Can Experience Sound Therapy

Sound therapy can be experienced in-person or virtually, either in an individual or group setting. Sound therapy sessions can vary widely depending on the practitioner and the goal.

1:1 Personal Sound Therapy Session

For the individual, in-person sound session, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table while therapeutic singing bowls are played on or around their body, producing an inner vibrational massage that induces a profound state of relaxation and calm.

Virtual Sound Bath Therapy Session

Virtual sessions offer the convenience of staying at home or listening from your workplace. All you need is a pair of earbuds or headphones for the best listening experience.

Group Sound Bath

In a group sound session, which is usually called a “sound bath,” you sit or lie down around the practitioner while sonic instruments are played, bathing you in ambient (and quite beautiful) sound frequencies.

Through groundbreaking information backed by science and her personal accounts, the author conveys the potential of our sound as a dynamic sonic tool for healing and empowering the feminine voice, and awakening our divine nature.

”Wonderful, honest, inspired and helpful. A must read for everyone.”

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