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Do You Love to Sing?

vibration sound healing therapy
vibration sound healing therapy
sound therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy

After many years of performing and teaching, my heart has led me in another direction - another way of using voice and vibration - as a Vibrational Sound Therapist.


I will no longer be offering voice lessons as of 2021. 

Ruth's holistic approach combines science and spirituality with the use of voice and vibration to help you achieve a conscious transformation to lead a healthy, fully expressed life. She is a licensed, certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, and holds Certifications in Sound Healing with Voice, Shoden Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. 

Ruth Ratliff Vibrational Sound Therapy

Through groundbreaking information backed by science and her personal accounts, the author conveys the potential of our sound as a dynamic sonic tool for healing and empowering the feminine voice, and awakening our divine nature.

”Wonderful, honest, inspired and helpful. A must read for everyone.”

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