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Piano Training

Do you want to learn to play the piano?

Perhaps you're an older adult wanting to ignite your creative juices?  Or maybe you have a young child who has an innate talent for music?


My piano teaching methods include:


Learning Musical Notation 
Improving Sight Reading Skills/Improvisation
Musicianship/Musical Appreciation


Studying music through piano lessons provides learning experiences for adults and children alike.  The skills learned in music lessons are easily transferred to homework or other useful areas of life.  Studying piano is an activity which utilizes your whole self: mind, emotions and body.  The benefits of piano study are varied and will stay with you throughout your life.

Jemini Music Voice Piano Lessons Warren Sussex Morris County NJ

“Jim was an excellent piano teacher; always very patient and observant.  He encouraged me to play music I enjoyed. I had taken lessons from other people, and he was the first to teach me scales and actually explain the chords and different keys, rather than just have me go through the book and learn a piece.  I made alot of progress as his student. I would HIGHLY recommend Jim as an instructor for adults or children!” Juanita B., Great Meadows, NJ

Jemini Music Voice Piano Lessons Warren Sussex Morris County NJ
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