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forbrain, family choice award winner

use your voice to boost your brain

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Forbrain® award-winning technology enhances language, learning and confidence!

What is Forbrain®

Forbrain® is an innovative headset that improves auditory and sensory processing by retraining the brain. Based on years of research in neuroscience and the auditory process, this easy-to-use device has the potential to aid in the improvement of attention, memory and sensory stimulation. One of the values of Forbrain is that it can be used anywhere. Although many speech therapists and other practitioners around the world use it, the device is non-invasive and can easily be used at home and without a healthcare professional present.  It is easy and fun to use and doesn’t require a big investment of time or money. The recommended time of use varies from five to twenty minutes a day depending on the age of the user and the purpose of use. 

Why Use Forbrain® ?

Capitalizing on bone conduction, Forbrain® headphones employ a cutting edge, proprietary technology. Unlike other headphones, Forbrain® uses a patented electronic dynamic filter that amplifies and patterns the user's voice. By improving the perception of the voice, Forbrain® works simultaneously on all aspects of the audio-vocal loop. Forbrain® gives the nervous system a solid sensory workout. One mother says: “I wanted to tell you that I’ve been using Forbrain for several days with my 6-year-old son during his reading time. He’s made a ton of improvement in articulation and fluency, and even his teacher commented on it. He is also much more self-confident and motivated to read his pages at night.”  

What are the Benefits?

Through the use of Forbrain®’s dynamic filter, your sensory system is trained to more efficiently integrate sounds with other sensory input resulting in a number of major improvements.
 Your tone of voice becomes clearer and more distinct. The dynamic filter improves not only the user’s hearing, but also the user’s entire vestibular system, managing motion, core stability, motor planning, balance, and spatial orientation. In addition, the filter accentuates the transmission of high frequency harmonics which play a fundamental role in cortical stimulation and increased energy. The results? Clearer vocal quality and rhythm. Improved listening. Greater focus and concentration. Improved reading and writing. Clearer speech and fluency. These changes have a positive impact on quality of life in general and help build self-confidence. 

Why I Recommend Forbrain®

As a voice professional, I am absolutely fascinated with the incredible power of the voice to enhance our lives. This device is based on the research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. According to Dr Tomatis, hearing and listening are not the same: hearing implies a passive attitude whereas listening requires a deeper attention. Since the Forbrain®  heightens our ability to listen, it opens up more possibilities to improve the voice and cognition. With 10 minutes a day of reading, humming or  singing, your voice will become round and resonant. With long-term use you build up confidence and well-being through your voice. The device is lightweight and easy to use, even during daily conversations. I use it regularly during my practice sessions, and my students use it during their lessons - they love it! I also was interested in this technology because our grandson has sensory processing disorder, and this device has shown very positive results in these children. I believe so much in this product that I became an affiliate. 

Try it out now with:

  • one month money-back guarantee

  • two year warranty 

  • 10% discount and free shipping. 

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Watch Dr. Doug talk about Forbrain®on Fox TV
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