Do You Love to Sing?

Jemini Music Voice Piano Lessons

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Do You Love to Sing?

After many years of performing and teaching, I have learned a substantial amount of valuable information to share with singers. My teaching style may be described as holistic; a whole person approach to integrate the voice with mind and body. Using solid vocal technique, kinesthetic awareness, musical concepts and personal development, I guide the singer through the process of vocal development in an open studio atmosphere of kindness, honesty, and support.  I have always been fascinated with the expressive and healing potential of the voice. Just like they say the eyes are the window to the soul, my belief is that the voice is how we express that soul. I would be honored to support you on the journey to explore the amazing instrument that is your voice!

Jemini Music Voice Piano Lessons

Take your voice to the next level with coaching that integrates

traditional methods with cutting edge technique! 

  • Develop your singing voice to its potential in a comfortable, supportive, high-tech environment.

  • Specializing in functional vocal and Contemporary Commercial Music training.

  • Improve your confidence through singing with sensitive, empowering coaching.

  • Remove the obstacles that prevent you from singing the way you want to sing!

"A student is truly blessed if they encounter a teacher who not only provides them with the skills and tools to master their chosen field of learning but who also has the keen insight and intuition to connect to that student's unique talent and ability and is able to inspire them to reach into themselves and produce a result far greater than even they had imagined,  Ruth is that type of rare teacher. I credit Ruth for her steady, positive encouragement and cutting edge teaching technique that gave my daughter the confidence and focus to discover the joy of singing." Andy R., Blairstown, NJ

"The voice is the bridge between the heart and mind."

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