Move Your Voice - Part 3 - Vocal Release Exercises

Today you're going to learn 4 fun exercises, and you just might be surprised at how good your voice is going to feel! I'd like to share with you my favorite vocal exercises using kinesthetic movements. These are the same exercises that i use with my students and found them to be very effective in facilitating release and movement of the voice.

I have been using kinesthetic gestures and movement in my own singing, as well as with my students. They are always surprised at how much more free their voice feels when using these movements. Kinesthetic awareness is a sense of where your body is in space and how the different parts of your body are interacting with each other. Check out my first video in the series for a more in depth explanation. Because the hands are connected to the speech center of the brain, these external movements strengthen the muscle memory. You can also use these gestures when practicing a song to help solidify the muscle memory within that piece.

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