For Cryin' Out Loud Vocal Exercises

I have been having fun incorporating a cry or “wah” sound into my vocal practice, and have also been sharing it with my students - they are loving what it does for their voices, and I do too.


Crying is an instinctive, organic sound production that even though you don’t remember doing it, your body remembers through the old brain or limbic system. When you cried as a baby, that developed neural pathways connected to your larynx that became hardwired. As you got older, your perception became colored with what you learned about singing, how you think you “should” sound. This probably caused you to develop unnecessary tensions (new neural pathways) which resulted in you getting in your own way of creating a free authentic sound.

When singers use the cry in the context of singing, it illicits an “old brain” response that is very reflexive and efficient. The cry is effective because it reconnects you with those free, instinctive sounds you made as a baby, especially when we combine it with traditional vocal exercises.

It can improve your tone

Helps to alleviate strain

Helps to blend the registers

Facilitates cord closure

Establishes body connection

The cry is a fun and exciting technique that can really add an element of playfulness, and a new dimension to your voice!

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