Vocal Products for an Ageless Voice

Welcome back to the Ageless Goddess Vocal series. I’d like to share some of the vocal products that have been helpful to me on my journey as an ageless goddess!

SAGE Let’s start off with the wonderful herb sage, which is well known as a kitchen or culinary herb - you have probably used it when cooking a chicken. It’s name is derived from the Latin, salvere, which means "to save” and it has certainly saved me!

Herbalists use sage to heal ulcers in the throat, and you can also use it as a gargle to help heal laryngitis. It is also a good source of vitamins C and A, and also contains many essential minerals.

One of the main reasons I like sage is because it can provide menopausal hot flash relief. It also acts as a mood stabilizer and can curb the anxiety sometimes brought on by menopause. Also, it has been known to help with mental focus. I have a beautiful stand of sage in my garden, which I use to make tea in the summer and fall months. In the late fall, I harvest it, and just put the sage in ziploc bags and throw them in the freezer for winter use.


This is a tea I found while looking online for the latest and greatest in vocal health. It claims to maintain a clear and healthy voice and strong respiratory system. The active ingredient is Sterculia seed, which is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to soothe the throat.

BOTANICAL THROAT SPRAY This is a wonderful throat spray that is made by a local company called Herbalist and Alchemist. It contains echinacea, goldenseal, licorice, sage, cinnamon, myrrh and bee propolis. Echinacea and goldenseal are well known for their immune system boosting properties. Licorice thins the mucous membranes and decreases swelling. Cinnamon actually helps break up phlegm accumulation. It’s also great to flavor your coffee!

A few years ago I had the flu with a bad cough that kept me up at night. The usual cough medicine with Codeine didn’t touch it, but this throat spray amazingly all but alleviated the cough, allowing me to get a good night’s rest.

THAYER’S SLIPPERY ELM LOZENGES Thayer’s is a well known brand that makes products for the throat. These lozenges are a favorite of my students, so I always keep some in the studio. I love the saying on the inside wrapper: for Divas, Belters and Screamers and all others who trill, talk and testify.

The active ingredient is slippery elm bark, which is a demulcent. This is a substance that relieves irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth by forming a protective film. Sounds yucky, right? But it actually feels very soothing! Slippery elm is also the main ingredient in most cough syrups.

SOURCE NATURALS WELLNESS HERBAL RESISTANCE LIQUID Last but not least, Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid is a powerful combination of herbs designed for immune support. It contains echinacea, goldenseal, ginger root, elderberry, and Yin Chiao herbal complex.

Ginger has long been used as an anti-inflammatory to decrease swelling in the throat. Elderberry has been used to treat coughs, colds and the flu, and is another immune system booster. If I feel myself coming down with an illness, I just put a couple of dropperfuls into a glass of water, and drink about three glasses. Usually I am symptom-free the next day.


As a teacher and performer, I have experienced many vocal health situations, and done a lot research on products to best support my vocal health. I wanted to share this information, because it’s always helpful to read testimonials before buying. Healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy voice!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not affiliated with any of the manufacturers mentioned in this blog.

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